RF Ops

For everything Internet of Things.

About Us

What we do

We specialize in Wireless Enabled and Securely Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Modules, Devices and Systems.

From Concept to Manufacture and anything in between.

What we are good at

  • Engineering and Technical Management
  • Management of Development Risk
  • Cryptographic Security
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Module-, Product- and System-Level Integration
  • Product Roadmaps with Planned Re-Use
  • Product Development
  • Embedded Hardware
  • Embedded Software and Firmware
  • Real-time Embedded Applications

How we can help

  • Program / Project Management
  • Development  of Modules, Devices and Systems
  • Requirements Specification
  • System Specification
  • Functional Specification
  • System, Hardware and Software Development
  • Testing and Qualification
  • Industrialization
  • Production
  • Specialist Consulting

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17304 Preston Road, Suite 800, Dallas, Texas 75252, USA

+1 (214) 347-4429